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Got away with it, heh heh heh..

Allright, (*spoken with a Quagmire voice,)

So I checked out my grades today, and I actually managed to get away with a C- in Geology. So in a semester where I completely slacked off and stopped caring about things, I've discovered that you actually have to work to get below a C... Rod is God.

Whelp, X-Mas shopping is pretty much done. I finally found a new needle for Dad's record player, though I have no idea if it's gonna work, so I gotta hook it up to find out, otherwise I'll have to drive back out to Guitar Center at Seven Corners to replace it.

Speaking of Seven Corners, I was amazed to find a Bennigan's out there. I had no idea they were still in existence, and have no idea why they are still in existence. They just don't go away... Bennigan's is the Paul Reiser of dining establishments.

and man, speaking of Seven Corners, it took me an hour and a half to get home from there, ever since I've come back, I've found that traffic in Northern Virginia has only gotten worst, and now it's damn near unbearable, only adding fuel to my fire to move far far away from this place as soon as humanly possible.

Also, the weekend of Jan 25-27th, Cornelius and Super Furry Animals will be playing two separate shows at the 9:30 Club. If anyone wants to go, lemme know.

That's all for now. later.
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